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Professional Business Valuation & Brokerage


Business Valuation

CFO Consultants will carry out your business valuation as a fully-credentialed team with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of finance, business brokerage, and business valuation. We’ve served businesses at every level in multiple industries. Chances are we can help you.

We utilize an extensive array of tools, formulas, experience, and education to determine the worth of a business. This complex analysis of Property, Assets, and Financial Information, when put together properly, gives us ways to accurately measure business value.


There are many reasons to perform valuations, and we have experience in all of them:

  • Financial reporting in specific situations

  • Partner/Owner Buy-in/Buy-out

  • Buying and Selling

  • Adding an Employee Stock Option Plan

  • Addressing certain tax matters

  • Establishing value for insurance policies

  • Marital Dissolution/Equitable Distribution

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Business Brokerage

Through our network of business brokers, we can help you sell your business at the highest price and provide win-win alternatives to both you and the buyer.

Our experience with business valuation and our network of potential buyers can be a powerful combination to help sell your business.

On the buying side, we have assisted many new business owners with pricing and due diligence to make sure that the price is right, and that the business flourishes after the purchase. Structuring a business sale properly is important, and we have the tax and operational expertise to make your transition a smooth one.

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